Pharmacy Technician

Hands-On Pharmacy Technician training starts at Lincoln

Pharmacy Technicians can be found in practically every neighborhood, helping people by dispensing medications and prescriptions. With Pharmacy Technician training at Lincoln, you will become a trusted healthcare professional in your community as you promote better health and help those who rely on your knowledge.

  • Acquire the ability to dispense medications using calculations pertinent to the preparation of pharmaceuticals.
  • Practice filling mock prescriptions, using the electronic balance, filling capsules, solutions, syrups, lotions and IV admixtures.
  • Learn from experienced professionals: Our Pharmacy Technician schools are staffed with instructors who are certified by the Pharmacy Technician Certification Board.
  • Gain a professional understanding of the medical ethics pharmacy technicians encounter.
  • Learn customer service skills to address patients’ questions and concerns.
  • The Pharmacy Technician program offers the opportunity to participate in a hands-on externship, where you will work in a community retail pharmacy, long-term care pharmacy or hospital. Here, students practice skills such as entering prescriptions on a computer, labeling medications, perform inventory control and more.
  • Make medications, compound drugs and IVs inside a replica pharmacy on campus.

Want to learn more about our pharmacy technician schools?

Lincoln’s Pharmacy Technician program offers the chance to participate in clinical experiences both in class and out in the field. This student centered learning environment combined with an exciting scientific curriculum, gives you the tools needed to be successful as a Pharmacy Tech. Plus, our Pharmacy Technician schools allow students to get the skills they need, and enter the workforce – in a short period of time. Whether you start a new career working at a pharmacy or within a state, local or private hospital, you’ll work alongside pharmacists to ensure medications are dispensed responsibly and accurately.

Become someone your community relies on when it comes to promoting better health and wellness. Turn your compassion into action at Lincoln. Contact us to learn more about Pharmacy Technician training.

Campuses that currently offer training in this program area are listed below, as well as links to exact program informational fact sheets:

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