Beyond the Classroom:
Financial Literacy and Career Development

At Lincoln, you’ll learn from industry-experienced instructors with a curriculum tailored to your specific needs, strengths and challenges. You’ll get just enough “lecture” to prepare you for the real, hands-on education you enrolled for—and you’ll be in the training areas before you know it! Learning at Lincoln is about combining theory and practice in a way that’s engaging, enriching and fun, and part of the Lincoln Edge is the 21st century education you’ll receive. Our curriculum, developed with the help of industry professionals, uses learning theories to show you the “why” behind the “what” before introducing you to the tools and equipment you’ll use on the job.

Financial Literacy
Many students finance their Lincoln training through financial aid* options, and it’s important to know how each of these can impact your life after Graduation. As part of the Lincoln Edge, you’ll learn financial fundamentals like planning a budget for what you can afford to borrow, how defaults and late payments impact your credit profile, and how to best manage your money when your new career begins producing a paycheck.

There’s no one-size-fits-all plan for budgeting money and managing credit, so we want to give you the tools you’ll need to make your finances work for you.

Career Development

The Lincoln Edge is all about leading you towards success in a new career—and the final component is helping you get into the career you’ve trained for. Lincoln’s dedicated Career Services team  can help connect you with potential employers in your chosen field, assist you in drafting a résumé that hits the mark, show you how to dress for success, and even coach you through the kinds of questions you’ll face at a job interview. And it doesn’t end when your new career begins. Even if plans change and you need to move or change jobs down the road, you’ll always be welcomed back at Lincoln for assistance in whatever direction life takes you.


* Financial Aid is available to those who qualify.

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