Strategies for Success: Assessment, Orientation, and Driving Your Performance

The Lincoln Edge begins with an assessment of your academic skills and personal qualities —so we can begin to work together to develop your customized and meaningful training plan. When your training begins at Orientation, you’ll make connections with key Lincoln personnel and begin building a network of contacts you can reach out to when it comes time to find your first job. Our Student Success Strategies and Driving Your Performance courses supplement your training by addressing topics related to life skills, self-confidence and esteem-building—so you’ll be ready to present the best ‘you’ to potential employers!

As your program progresses we encourage you to keep to a schedule of weekly check-ins with our academic advisors who are here to help keep you focused and on track with your studies. These weekly meetings are a critical component of our Early Student Engagement initiative, another student-centered service philosophy you’ll find only at Lincoln.

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