Getting Started With Admissions
(A Guide for Parents)

As the parent or guardian of a student approaching high school graduation, you probably have concerns about your son's or daughter’s future. As they navigate this transitional period, perhaps they:

  • Are passionate about career opportunities in a specific field?
  • Are not certain, but want to enter the workforce as soon as possible?
  • Think the idea of attending school for 4 years isn’t the answer?
  • Are looking for the college experience, but with more hands-on training?

At Lincoln, we understand this process takes time and patience. That’s why we aim to provide you with important information so you can help your child make the decision that’s right for them.

Lincoln offers Certificate, Diploma, and Degree programs in the Automotive, Health Sciences, IT, Skilled Trades, Spa and Cosmetology, and Culinary fields. Whatever your son's or daughter’s passion is, it can be turned into a career with help from Lincoln.

You’ll have peace of mind in choosing Lincoln, as we’ve been around for 70 years training students in skilled professions rooted in America’s working landscape. Our hands-on career training programs (many of which can be completed in about two years) are designed to meet the changing needs of today’s tough job market.

What makes our programs so unique is our approach to teaching. To ensure your child receives industry-specific knowledge and skills, we hire instructors who have real-world experience. Lincoln’s instructors are passionate about the subjects they teach and dedicated to helping students reach their highest potential.

Lincoln also has a network of caring Admissions, Financial Aid and Career Services representatives who understand what it’s like to be a student. They go the extra mile to keep students focused on their studies while jumping in to lend a helping hand if needed.

With so much to offer, we think you’ll find choosing Lincoln leads to the road to your child’s success.

We’re ready to welcome you and your family to join the Lincoln community! Contact us today to schedule a campus tour with the student in your life and see what Lincoln has to offer.

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