Early Student Engagement (ESE)

The Early Student Engagement (ESE) program is a way in which Lincoln partners with each student on a consistent basis, enhancing the learning experience by teaching soft skills, and utilizing coaching methods to create a support structure for our future graduates. This 24-week process is one more step to helping students reach their dreams.

When you enroll at Lincoln, you’ll be assigned an ESE Coordinator. Together you and your coordinator will work on learning to develop soft skills in areas such as Work Ethics, Positive Attitudes, Good Communication Skills, Time Management, Self Confidence and more. A new skill is introduced each week in one-on-one coaching sessions. You’ll be required to produce a plan of action for your success, because we know that our students perform best, and enjoy their greatest successes, when they are actively involved in their education.

You’re not just studying and learning skills for a new career—you’re taking charge of your life.

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