The Lincoln Edge

Starting with your first call or visit to a Lincoln school, you’ll know you’ve made the right choice to invest here in your education.  Each step of the way is designed to help you reach your professional and personal goals—to have the career, and the life, you’ve been dreaming of.  From the day you enroll, to your Orientation, to the day your training begins, Lincoln representatives will be at your service to answer questions, provide additional course details, and ensure you’re fully prepared to take advantage of everything Lincoln offers. It’s the beginning of an experience known as the Lincoln Edge.

A Commitment to Your Career Training

The Lincoln Edge is our commitment to your success—Lincoln’s way of ensuring you receive the highest levels of service and attention. It’s about more than your studies and your training. It’s about preparing you for life beyond Lincoln—about setting you up for success in a new career by giving you the work ethic and skills you need outside the classroom. Skills to help you search for, find, and advance in the career you deserve. Skills that will help you develop personal and financial responsibility. Skills that will change your life in ways that are often larger than even your professional goals.

Every student has their own personal reasons for wanting to further their education and start a new career. Whether they are training in one of our Automotive programs, studying clinical care in a Health Sciences program, or taking a hands-on approach to your future through Cosmetology, Culinary or Skilled Trades training, we want what's best for their future. To help them get there, Lincoln makes it an imperative to provide each student with the personal attention and advice they need not only to get started on the road to a new career, but to see it all the way through. We understand that our students need support both in and out of the classroom, and we work tirelessly to see they receive that support from Lincoln.

As part of the Lincoln Edge, we strive to stay in regular contact with the students who invest in us and to dedicate ourselves to their personal success in achieving their career goals. We are there for you, and with you, until the day you graduate—and beyond, to the day you accept your first job in your new career!

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