Academic Support

As you’ll quickly learn once your training program begins, Lincoln’s instructors are second-to-none. We’ve carefully selected our instructors from among the experienced professionals who want to teach in our classrooms, and we train our students on a curriculum built with input from industry professionals on our advisory boards.

Still, there may be times when a specific concept proves especially challenging, a technique just isn’t sticking or you feel like you’re behind the curve—don’t worry! When these things happen, Lincoln has support systems to help!

We encourage you to actively seek out your instructor or other Lincoln campus staff members, for tutoring outside of regular class hours. In addition to being great leaders in the classrooms and training areas, they are patient tutors who can help with the one-on-one guidance you may need to master a particular concept or understand key aspects of the subject matter. If it’s important to your training, it’s important to you—and that makes it important to us.

On many campuses, groups of Lincoln students also meet outside of class hours for peer tutoring—small group instruction led by other students. Students just like you who put their heads together to tackle the same material you might be having difficulty with. When you join one of these peer tutoring groups, you’ll not only find the extra help you need—you might find you’ve got the answer to someone else’s question, or can help your peers see things in a way they hadn’t thought about before. Breakthroughs are common in our peer tutoring groups, where you’re not just getting extra help—you’re making friends and forming relationships that can last long after Graduation!

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