FPSA's Food Industry Technician Program (FIT) Is Growing Rapidly

February 6, 2024

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FPSA's Food Industry Technician Program (FIT) Is Growing Rapidly

The demand for skilled electrical and HVAC technicians will increase even further due to new food processing machine designs, the modernization of food processing facilities across the United States, and the retirement of older skilled technicians. This video is presented by columnist Grant Gerke from Food Processing Magazine, and it highlights the demand and opportunities coming available to technicians in the food processing industry. Mentioned in the video is the FIT Program at Lincoln Tech’s Indianapolis campus: FPSA/FIT Advanced Technician for the Food Industry program. Qualified graduates from any Lincoln Tech Electrical or HVAC program can apply.

Video Transcription:

Food Industry Technician Program Surges Forward. The food industry is experiencing explosive growth, and with it comes the need for more skilled technicians. IMI SalesLeads research cites 74 new construction or modernization food and beverage projects started in 2023. To address this growth in plants and workers, the Food Processing Suppliers Association, FPSA, created the Food Industry Technician (FIT) Certification program in 2019. The program focuses on training technicians to manage and service complex equipment in the food processing and packaging industry.

"For years, we noticed people were going to traditional colleges, but not so much toward technical training or a trade school," says Shawn Kentch, training manager at Handtmann Inc.

By partnering with educational providers like Lincoln Tech, the FIT program equips students with the necessary skills through hands-on training with donated equipment. Three instructors run the program and instruct students on 35 pieces of donated equipment from FPSA members.

"Companies visit the Lincoln Tech campus during open house days and meet future graduates and instructors meet the companies, ask about onboarding processes, and help place graduates," says David Seckman, President and CEO of FPSA.


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