Lincoln Tech's CNC Program and NASA

August 9, 2019

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Students training at Lincoln Tech in Mahwah have a new out-of-this-world program option! NASA recently selected the campus to be the newest participant in the HUNCH program: High school students United with NASA to Create Hardware. Trainees in the CNC Machining and Manufacturing Technology program can now apply to take part in a special project building hardware components for the International Space Station (ISS). Through the program, says Dr. Florence Gold, NASA HUNCH Project Manager, “students acquire 21st-century skills and develop a relationship with NASA that can build important professional connections.” Using specialized Computer Numerical Control equipment donated to the school by leading manufacturer Haas Automation, Inc., Lincoln Tech students will create parts for specially-designed storage lockers aboard the ISS. These storage lockers will hold scientific experiments conducted by NASA and other organizations from around the world. Students will build the studs, nuts and butterfly bolts that hold the lockers together, while also learning how to document their work according to NASA specifications.

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