Tri-State Kenworth Donates Paccar MX-13 Engine to East Windsor Campus

December 4, 2019
Tri-State Kenworth generously donated this Paccar MX-13 diesel engine to Lincoln Tech for instructional purposes.

Tri-State Kenworth of Enfield, CT generously donated this Paccar MX-13 diesel engine to Lincoln Tech’s East Windsor campus for use in its Diesel & Truck Technology career training programs.


Tri-State Kenworth reps discuss students pursuing Kenworth careers after graduation.

Representatives from Tri-State Kenworth cited the benefits to Lincoln Tech students of pursuing Kenworth careers after graduation.

The power specifications of the Paccar’s MX-13 diesel engine is impressive, with 380 to 500 horsepower and 1850 foot pounds of torque.

Paccar’s MX-13 diesel engine has power ratings from 380 to 500 horsepower and a top torque rating of 1,850 foot pounds.  

Front view of the Paccar MX-13 diesel truck engine.

The engine features a compacted graphite iron block, a high pressure common rail fuel system, and a one-million mile B10 design life. 

Diesel students take time to examine the latest arrival - a prized Paccar MX-13 engine.

The donation enhances Lincoln Tech’s training program by helping students build manufacturer-specific skills before graduating and getting out into the workforce. 

An engine donation from Tri-State Kenworth to Lincoln Tech’s East Windsor CT campus this fall served as another reminder of how Lincoln programs are viewed by employers throughout the diesel industry. A great measure of a career training program’s value is the caliber of employers hiring its graduates - therefore, it speaks volumes when a leader like Tri-State Kenworth turns to your campus to look for job candidates. 

“Our campus is grateful for Tri-State Kenworth’s engine donation, and we look forward to strengthening our continuing partnership with the company,” says Kevin Clark, Campus President at East Windsor.

The Paccar MX-13 engine was formally presented to Lincoln Tech for its Diesel & Truck Technology program at a campus ceremony attended by Tri-State Kenworth’s President, Scott Patrohay, and Director of Operations, Don Longyhore. 

Each year, dozens of diesel and truck technicians complete Lincoln Tech’s diesel training program and join the New England workforce.  Last year, almost 95% of program graduates were hired in the field*. Hands-on training at Lincoln Tech – with the support of partners like Tri-State Kenworth – helps graduates keep the diesel industry competitive by joining diesel maintenance teams that keep the economy moving and growing.

* As reported to the Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges (ACCSC) on the 2018 Annual Report.

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