Hunter Alignment Training Center at Lincoln Tech’s Denver Campus

June 26, 2023

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The Denver campus is home to a new collaboration between Lincoln Tech and Hunter Engineering, the leading name in the undercar service industry. Denver Education Supervisor Brian Wenk introduces the new Hunter equipment models that auto and diesel students will be training on. This includes ADAS units, wheel balancers, alignment machines, and a heavy-duty vehicle lift rack.

Video Transcript:

[00:00:13] Hello, my name is Brian Wenk. I'm the education supervisor here at Lincoln Tech in Denver. I just want to tell everybody how excited we are about our partnership with Hunter Equipment. As you can see, behind me is our brand-new alignment racks, tire machines, ADAS units. These are fully updated and ready to go. This is the, the exact equipment you'll be using out in the field. You will be learning right here in our school. So, let's take a walk around and look at the equipment.

[00:00:46] All right, here we are in front of the ADAS units from Hunter. This is the newest and latest and greatest ADAS unit on the market right now. This is brand-spanking new. This unit is the number-one unit built. This was the prototype. This is the latest and greatest piece of equipment out there. And here we are at another ADAS unit. This ADAS unit is a little different than the other one. This ADAS unit is more what you will see at most of the dealerships, but again, this is a brand new unit, just came in. You'll be seeing that in years to come, for sure.

[00:01:27] This wheel balancer is called the Smart Balancer. This one will match your balance between your wheel and tire. It's amazing what this will do. Especially with the EV vehicles that are out nowadays. They're insisting that they have an extremely balanced tire. This is the type of machine you will be using out in the field. Here is a brand new tire machine by Hunter. This tire machine, what's different about this tire machine than most - this is an almost autonomous machine. We just got it. As you can see, it's still wrapped. As soon as we unwrap it, I'll show you how it works. These are the machines you'll be seeing. These are the machines of the future. Um, this is what you will see in your higher-end dealerships, higher-end tire stores. This machine does not touch the rim at all, and it does it all by itself.

[00:02:24] Now, here we are in a heavy-duty shop, and I just wanted to show you one more thing that I'm extremely excited about here in Denver is our new heavy-duty rack and alignment machine. With this machine, we can actually align semis. Again, this is something that you will not see in every shop in town. You'll see it in the higher end dealerships and that type of work that's being done. This again, came with our Hunter partnership that we're very excited about.

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