Air Brake Troubleshooting Demonstration Using the Bendix EC-60 ABS/ATC/ESP Advanced System Trainer

February 15, 2023

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The Indianapolis Campus received a donation of the Bendix EC-60 advanced brake trainer from United Parcel Service (UPS). This system is a fully functional advanced air braking training aid, and is equipped with ABS (anti-lock Braking), ATC (automatic traction control), and ESP (electronic stability program) features. It is currently 1 of only 5 in existence worldwide.

The ESP stability system is designed to help mitigate rollovers and the loss of vehicle control on a wide variety of road conditions. Additional sensors and braking capability delivers more performance than roll-only systems.

This trainer has the ability to visually simulate traction control events and ABS stops. It also contains 4 switch panels that allows the technician to set up to 54 electrical faults in the system for students to uncover. The simulated dash panel comes with fault indicator light, blink code switch, and diagnostic port for manual or computer-based troubleshooting.

This system is an excellent training aid for Diesel Technology students to understand the various inputs and issues involved with a very sophisticated, highly technological air-braking system, and how it responds to various road conditions.

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