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Professional Baking & Pastry Chef Training

There’s a beauty to baking. The right skills help you create gorgeous desserts that not only look good, but taste delicious. At Lincoln Culinary Institute, you’ll learn to bake like a professional from master chefs in fully-equipped European-style kitchens. A career as a Pastry Chef can open the doors to career across the globe!

  • Courses include techniques for working with sugar, chocolate, and artisan breads. You'll also learn to bake European-style pastries and work with contemporary and classical cake recipes.
  • Learn knife skills and baking techniques from Certified Master Bakers, Executive Chefs, and more.
  • Create centerpieces with chocolate, truffles, and candies.
  • Master artisan bread making and Viennoiserie - pastries like croissants, turnovers, and baguettes.
  • Learn to make candy, croissants, cookies and éclairs.
  • Practice balancing technique with artistry when you bake breads and pastries that taste great, and look great too!
  • Discover how healthier alternatives can also be prepared by varying ingredients and processes.
  • Gain culinary management skills. This includes food service operations, food and beverage management, and externships that put you in the kitchens of real bakeries and pastry shops.
  • Take part in fun events that support the community while helping to build your skills!
  • This program is accredited by the American Culinary Federation Education Foundation Accrediting Commission (ACFEFAC).

Ongoing development is encouraged through on-site baking, cooking and food prep with the help of our professional pastry chef instructors and staff. Our pastry school helps you reach your goals through hands-on training. Discover how gratifying a baking and pastry career can be!

How can I learn more about Lincoln Culinary Institute's Baking and Pastry Schools?

Bake up a delicious new career at Lincoln Culinary Institute. To learn more about our Baking and Pastry School in Shelton, Connecticut, request more information today!

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