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The end goal of enrolling in career training is scoring that career – and that’s why partnerships between schools and employers are so important. After you’ve invested your time, money and energy to build industry-specific skills, you want to know you’ll have the right connections when you graduate. Check out this roster of the businesses and organizations we partner with, and you’ll see why Lincoln Tech is the place to train if you want to network with the best.


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In 2015 Lincoln Tech and Audi formalized a partnership to provide career training on Audi models and technology, and to help graduates start careers with a worldwide automotive leader. Students can apply to enroll in additional courses to supplement Lincoln Tech’s Automotive Technology training program – courses that build their familiarity with Audi-specific servicing, maintenance and roadside assistance skills.  Audi provides the curriculum and equipment for the programs, and late-model vehicles to Lincoln Tech campuses across the country, including Columbia, MD; Denver, COEast Windsor, CTMahwah, NJMelrose Park, IL; and Nashville, TN. Build the skills that Audi dealerships around the country are looking for, and start a career with an elite automaker!


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Train for a career with one of the world’s most legendary auto manufacturers! Since 2013, Lincoln Tech’s Grand Prairie, TX campus has served as a STEP (Service Technician Education Program) training center for BMW.  Lincoln Tech students from around the country receive training designed specifically for careers with BMW. The manufacturer, in turn, has a direct line to new technicians trained to repair and maintain their iconic line of automobiles. The training facility that houses the program functions as a “school-within-a-school,” featuring nearly 10,000 dedicated square feet of classroom and auto lab space. BMW STEP provides students in Lincoln Tech’s Automotive Technology program nationwide the opportunity to receive the same training BMW Master Technicians undergo. While, on average, a newly hired BMW technician requires between 3-5 years to reach Level 1 status (Master Technician), STEP students can reach the same level in just 1-2 years.

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There’s a loyalty and excitement for one of the brands that started the automotive craze in this country. From the 1969 Dodge Charger, to the 2015 Dodge Challenger Hellcat, car enthusiasts long to get their hands on these vehicles, both to own them and to work on them. Lincoln Tech turns this passion into performance with its Automotive Training programs. We recognize the industry’s need for these dedicated technicians, and that led to the creation of the MOPAR CAP program. CAP, which stands for Career Automotive Program, is exactly that – a unique program that affords technicians the opportunity to prepare for specialized automotive careers on cars they love!


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From introducing a line of antifreeze in 1937, to becoming a total service, parts and customer care provider for FCA (Fiat Chrysler Automobiles) vehicles around the globe – that’s MOPAR. With a mission to reinvent the ownership experience on and off the road, MOPAR has expanded its training partnership with Lincoln Tech. MOPAR CAP, the Career Automotive Program, was designed to give students a leg up on the competition for careers with Chrysler and its family of brands. Late-model Chrysler, Dodge, and Jeep vehicles are being provided to Lincoln Tech for training, giving students hands-on experience working with the manufacturer’s technology on diagnostic codes, brake systems, fuel and exhaust systems, electronics, on-board computers and much more. For a career working with high-end names like Fiat Chrysler, enroll in high-quality hands-on training at Lincoln Tech.


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Computerized manufacturing is replacing “factory work” in facilities across the country producing components for the healthcare, auto, aerospace and defense industries – along with many others.  The nation’s leading global producer of computer numerical control (CNC) manufacturing equipment, Haas Automation Inc. sponsors the Gene Haas Center for Advanced Automation at Lincoln Tech’s Indianapolis campus, as well as dedicated CNC training facilities at Lincoln Tech campuses in Mahwah, NJ and Grand Prairie, TX.  These training centers are equipped with machinery provided by Haas, and this year the Lincoln Foundation for Education gratefully accepted a substantial donation from the Gene Haas Foundation to provide scholarships for students training for careers in modern manufacturing. Get on the front lines of an industry that’s been reborn over the last decade, and one that’s bringing back jobs from overseas!


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It’s one of today’s most iconic brands with a fan following that rivals that of Mustang and Corvette, and Lincoln Tech is the only place to train if you want to build a career working on their unique, sought-after cars. BMW selected Lincoln Tech as its sole off-site training provider for MINI STEP (Service Technician Education Program) - making our Grand Prairie campus the only place in the country where MINI training is offered outside of a BMW facility! Eligible students from Lincoln Tech schools around the country can add this four-month training option, which is paid for by BMW of North America, to their Automotive Technology career training program (students are responsible for their own travel, room and board). Graduates of the program can qualify as Level 1 MINI Technicians and start applying for positions at MINI dealerships around the country after graduation.


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For almost 80 years the Ryder name has been synonymous with quality trucks that help build business and keep the economy moving. Students nationwide have graduated from Lincoln Tech’s Diesel Technology training programs and launched careers with this FORTUNE 500® transportation company.  Lincoln Tech’s focus on diesel fuel systems, engine construction, and hydraulic systems helps employers from Ryder fleet operations around the country fill their hiring needs. Topping Ryder’s wish list are skilled, qualified technicians who are up to date on the latest technologies needed to keep their trucks running at top efficiency, and they find that with Lincoln Tech grads. Want to move to the front of the line when this global giant is looking at applicants?  Then Lincoln schools are where you want to train!


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Want to get a head start on a career with a brand that’s known worldwide? Volkswagen was recently named the auto industry’s “global sales leader” by Forbes magazine. The auto giant delivered more than 10.3 million cars in 2016, and VW dealerships around the country need teams of technicians to work on their customers’ cars. For years those dealerships have turned to Lincoln Tech grads for their open positions, and now VW has partnered with Lincoln Tech in Mahwah, NJ to generate an even greater workforce!  The Volkswagen Education Partnership will soon launch at that campus as a component of Automotive Technology training, allowing students to gain hands-on experience while working on VW vehicles.  The program will also give students the opportunity to earn specialized Automotive Technology certificates, attend VW-exclusive career fairs on campus and get connected to local dealerships.

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