Lincoln Tech's 75th Anniversary Celebration

July 7, 2022

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Scott: What a great evening. Here we are in Newark, New Jersey, the birthplace [00:00:30] of Lincoln Tech. We have people that have been with the organization from 20, 30, 40 years ago, as well as today. Everyone's having a great time. I really appreciate that we were able to pull off this event, and I hope everyone has a wonderful evening tonight.

Larry: You talk about a blast from the past. I saw people that I met in 1973 when I first started at Lincoln, and, uh, I've aged, they've aged, but we all [00:01:00] have a common denominator. We grew up in this company and we love Lincoln.

Dave: The only way to summarize my time with Lincoln and what it meant to me is really to look at the staff. And I'm just walking around here tonight and seeing so many people that I met over the years that are still here,

Shaun: To come [00:01:30] back and see friends that I made, oh man, almost, 20 years ago, is moving. Everybody looks fantastic. It's like we weren't even apart. And, and it speaks to the, the collegiality we had as a group.

Debbie: It's amazing. I have... This is so enjoyable and I wouldn't have missed it for anything. [00:02:00]

Senator Bramnick: It's on behalf of a governor, everybody in state legislature, we thank you for your leadership. We thank you for 75 years of professional leadership, and we absolutely thank Lincoln Tech for all they've done, not only in New Jersey, but for the entire country. God bless you. [00:02:30] [clapping]

Scott: Everyone here, to Lincoln Tech, for 75 years of changing people's lives. And I appreciate all your support, hear, hear.

Together: Hear, hear.

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