Johnson Controls and Lincoln Tech

July 19, 2019

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Lincoln Tech and Johnson Controls International (JCI) expanded their partnership with the introduction of new training equipment at Lincoln Tech campuses around the country.

Since last year, JCI, a global leader in the technology and energy efficiency industries, has teamed with Lincoln Tech’s electrical and HVAC schools to identify and hire new talent. They have also donated a substantial amount of industry-current equipment so that students can train on the same kinds of technology used in the field today. With technicians in demand, Lincoln Tech has been proud to welcome JCI to its campuses and host JCI-sponsored classrooms.

More than 60 Lincoln Tech grads are now employed by Johnson Controls branches across the U.S. – hear from recent hires about why the company is considered a top employer, and how their Lincoln training helped connect them to these incredible career opportunities. Then reach out to your local Lincoln Tech campus is you’re ready to put your potential to work at this Fortune 200 company!

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