Virtual Tour of Lincoln Tech’s Mahwah NJ Campus

September 6, 2023

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The tour takes you through the Automotive Repair and Maintenance program, which also can include specialty tracks focused on either BMW or Mopar (Fiat-Chrysler) vehicles. Also included on the tour are detailed presentations of the HVAC program (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) which trains the student in the installation, maintenance and repair of both residential and commercial high and low efficiency climate control systems. The HVAC program has a training component specifically designed for Hussmann equipment, which is an industry leading brand in commercial refrigeration. This training is sponsored by the Hussmann Corporation, and is open to students who meet the pre-requisite requirements..

The training in Electrical and Electronic Systems creates highly competent technicians well-trained in high and low voltage systems. This training is provided in partnership with Johnson Controls, a major industry leader in electrical control systems.

The Advanced Manufacturing and Robotics program trains the student to become a skilled machinist with the programming skills necessary to control the complete computerized manufacturing process. The student also learns how to repair and maintain the robotic technology used in advanced manufacturing.

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