Virtual Tour of Lincoln Tech’s Moorestown NJ Campus

August 3, 2021

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Campus President Mark Bohen hosts this tour of the Lincoln Tech campus in Moorestown, New Jersey. This campus is located very close to the Cherry Hill-Camden-Philadelphia region. This ideal location places the students within close proximity of employment opportunities with companies serving a large and diverse population.

The Moorestown campus specializes in healthcare and IT training, and offers a hands-on approach to learning the skills needed to enter either the healthcare or information technology industries. These training programs extend into the community as our students from the Medical Assistant, Patient Care, Practical Nursing and Massage Therapy programs perform their clinical rotations at healthcare facilities and spas that Lincoln Tech partners with. Our computer networking students also venture into the community to perform a 90-hour internship with a Lincoln Tech business partner.

Denise Hewitt, an instructor in the Medical Assisting program, presents the many techniques and technologies the students will learn including how to perform EKGs, obtain samples via phlebotomy, and work with sterile-field techniques. Instructors Caitlin Mayer and Sherri Sayers expand further by describing how Patient Care students will learn how to change catheters and dress wounds. Massage Therapy instructor Michelle Pizzo describes how students will learn deep tissue massage techniques, neuro-muscular massage, hot stone massage and reflexology.

Computer and Network Support Technician instructor Jacqueline Noel describes the way students learn how to assemble, disassemble and troubleshoot the hardware and software of a PC-based computer system, and more. This training prepares students to take the entry-level CompTIA certification exams and the Admissions and Career Services teams are always available to support our students throughout their educational journey.

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