Virtual Tour of Lincoln Tech’s South Plainfield NJ Campus

July 30, 2021

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Hamed Shibli, President of the Lincoln Tech Campus in South Plainfield, New Jersey, presents this tour of Lincoln’s Diesel and Skilled Trades training facility. The South Plainfield campus specializes in teaching diesel engine technology and the maintenance of hydraulics for trucks and heavy equipment. This training also includes repair and maintenance of transport refrigeration, a field vital to shipping temperature-controlled products. The campus also offers Welding Technology, which is a skilled trade field that is experiencing a nationwide shortage of qualified technicians.

Welding Instructor Ariel Curet discusses the types of welding taught in the program, and he presents a short tour of the facility showing students in action. All 40 welding booths are equipped with Miller Welding gear. Students learn the skills needed to competently weld using MIG, TIG, stick and pipe welding techniques, as well as metal fabrication.

Education Supervisor Bob Mason provides additional information on the importance of heavy equipment and air conditioning system maintenance for large transports and tour buses. These programs prepare graduates to enter their chosen industry with the knowledge and skills required to build a successful career as a skilled tradesperson. Tools used in the diesel technology and heavy equipment programs are supplied through a partnership with Matco Tools.

This campus also offers a 240-hour Heavy Equipment Operation training program, which you can learn more about by contacting the Admissions Department at the South Plainfield campus. South Plainfield’s virtual tour concludes with the introduction of key staff members from the Admissions and Career Services teams, who support our students throughout their educational journey.

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