Virtual Tour of Lincoln Tech’s Iselin NJ Campus

July 30, 2021

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Campus President Dennis Mascali hosts this tour of Lincoln Tech’s Iselin, New Jersey campus. The tour showcases our classes in progress, and discusses how the campus is equipped to train students in realistic learning environments for their chosen training program.

Iselin offers four programs to students, with three being in the healthcare field. Students interested in working in healthcare can choose to train in our Medical Assisting, Patient Care Technician or Practical Nursing programs. Practical Nursing students prepare to take the LPN exam upon graduation.

We also offer our Computer and Network Support Technician program to students interested in entering the IT field. Students learn the fundamentals and maintenance for PC-based hardware and software, and how the software interacts when connected to the internet. Upon reaching graduation, students can sit for CompTIA Certifications in IT Fundamentals, A+, and Net+.

Iselin’s tour also introduces key staff members from the Education, Admissions, Financial Aid, and Career Services teams, who support students throughout their educational journey.

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