NBC News4 visits Lincoln Tech to see how a safe hands-on training environment works

September 10, 2020

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September 10 2020, NBC-News4 New York: Investigative reporter Sarah Wallace visited Lincoln Tech’s Mahwah, NJ campus to show how a safe reopening of a hands-on trade school should look. NBC interviewed students in various programs about their experience of returning to class safely during a pandemic, which includes following social distancing guidelines, wearing masks, and maintaining high cleanliness standards. Lincoln Tech’s Mahwah Campus President Robert Paganini described to NBC the exacting standards and precautions that are being followed to protect both the students and staff.

These precautions add constant disinfection procedures to the mandatory social distancing guidelines being followed in both classroom and workshop environments. Lincoln Tech went a step further and fortified the building’s heating and air conditioning ventilation system (HVAC) with an industrial UV air purification system. This process uses the UV-C light spectrum to purify the circulating air, ridding it of viral and bacterial contamination. With additional classes added on Saturdays, the campus’s 650 students have ample time to complete the hands-on portion of their curriculum in a safe, well-spaced learning environment.

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