An Introduction to Lincoln Tech's Training Programs

May 22, 2019

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Lincoln Tech was founded in 1946 as a skilled trades & automotive repair school. Since then, Lincoln Tech schools throughout  the United States have helped graduates launch rewarding careers in dozens of hands-on skilled industries - these are the jobs that drive America, build our infrastructure, keep the economy moving and keep our communities healthy. Lincoln Tech is proud to offer hands-on training programs that help employers find candidates they need in more than 20 growing fields. Lincoln Tech partnerships include the Schmidt Peterson Motorsports racing team, Antron Brown, and many more – we’ve made millions of dollars in scholarships available to qualified students around the country. Be a part of our nation’s highly-skilled workforce tradition. Train at Lincoln Tech!



Male Speaker: I do tell you, about of all applications I'll look at, when I see a Lincoln Tech graduate, that goes on top of the pile. I tend to call them first, interview them first, then the rest of the applications that we got.

Male Speaker: I see our relationship with Lincoln Tech just growing and expanding, to be honest with you. As it gets more and more challenging to come up with great candidates, great employees, it's one of the avenues that is constantly a go-to for us.

Male Speaker: And Lincoln Tech does a great job in feeding...actually all four brands of the Rally Stores, our Acura store, our Mercedes store, and our Lexus store all look to Lincoln Tech for new candidates.

Male Speaker: Yeah, I mean, Lincoln Tech, when you're out of there, when you graduate, I mean, they try their hardest to make sure that you get a job that you went to school for. You know, like you didn't spend your money on nothing. So that was the one thing I really liked about Lincoln Tech also.

Male Speaker: Lincoln Tech helped me tremendously. Without the skills I learned at Lincoln Tech, I wouldn't have been able to pass the entrance exams and practical testing in order to get the mechanic job to get me to where I am now.

Male Speaker: It's not a job. It's a career. And that was what I was looking for at Lincoln Tech and they helped me get there.

Female Speaker: For me, Lincoln Tech is the link to helping others. 


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