Collision Students Learning Auto Body Techniques

January 27, 2020
Collision repair students practice preparing a vehicles hood for final refinishing.

Collision repair students practice preparing an automobile’s hood for refinishing.

Close-up image of a collision student learning to use a pneumatic cutting wheel

Close-up of a student learning to use a pneumatic cutting wheel, which is used to shape a replacement section for a chassis component or body panel section.

An auto body student works with a pneumatic cutter on a small steel structural piece - wide angle

A common scene in a collision repair shop: the vehicle on the right has its front clip partially removed so the technician can access any framework that needs replacement. He is working with a pneumatic cutter on a small steel structural piece that would then be welded into place.

Two collision students practice air brushing techniques on spare panels.

Perfecting airbrush techniques takes a lot of practice. These two students practice on spare panels before attempting to finish prepared metal panels. Developing a steady hand is a crucial skill in the collision industry.

Collision students learn how an automotive paint booth filters air, controls dust and provides filtered air.

An automotive paint booth is an expensive, high-tech piece of machinery. Designed to control the environment within its walls, the paint booth filters its exhaust, keeps dust under control and provides clean air for the technician through protective facemasks.

Students from the collision repair program learn how to perfect their auto body repair techniques. The only way to fully immerse a student into the collision industry is by investing in the tools they will work with, while learning from experienced instructors.

Note that setting up and maintaining an auto body training facility is a detailed operation, complete with pneumatic tools, lifts and am automotive paint booth. Lincoln Tech has outfitted 6 campuses with industry standard equipment, and these images show how the students make use of this infrastructure. The collision repair program also teaches students how to competently use high-tech frame straighteners, as well as how to weld steel and aluminum.

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