Lincoln Foundation for Education (LiFE) Scholarship Program

Computer Numerical Control (CNC) Machining and Manufacturing is a field that’s adding almost 50,000 jobs jobs around the country in the years ahead*.  The LiFE Scholarship program can help students get an exciting, rewarding new manufacturing career off the ground with $2,500 towards tuition!

We are proud to partner with Haas Automation, Inc., a leading manufacturer of CNC equipment and sponsor of the Haas Training Center on Lincoln Tech’s East Windsor, Mahwah, Indianapolis, and Grand Prairie campuses.  This scholarship offers $2,500 towards tuition in Lincoln Tech’s CNC Machining and Manufacturing Technology Program in any of these four locations.

How To Qualify For The LiFE Scholarship Program

To qualify for this scholarship, you must:

  • Complete the application process to enroll.
  • Submit the LiFE Scholarship application to the campus' Financial Aid department.

Lincoln continues to show its commitment to helping students reach their goals, both in and out of the classroom, as it has done since opening its first school in Newark, New Jersey in 1946.

* Source: Figures are for the timeframe 2014-2024.

Scholarship availability varies by campus and program. Please refer to the application itself for more details regarding eligibility requirements as well as exclusions and limitations.

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