What Can You Expect From Career Services?

The Career Services representatives at Lincoln Technical Institute, Lincoln College of Technology, Euphoria Institute of Beauty Arts & Sciences and Lincoln Culinary Institute understand the challenges and circumstances you’ve already experienced in finding a job. Many of us have been there, too. That’s why we examine your particular needs and assess your skills to help you find a job upon graduation.

The Lincoln Edge
Students are supported through the Lincoln Edge, a unique and innovative program which provides intensive professional skills training. The program places a strong emphasis on preparing graduates with the skills needed to present themselves professionally to an employer, as well as how to excel as a team leader in any work setting. Lincoln Edge is a portfolio of beneficial services that aid in the development of the behaviors, skills and abilities that promote positive student outcomes.

Benefits & Services
As a Lincoln student, you’ll have access to some of today’s most helpful tools when it comes to your new career. This includes career placement assistance upon graduation, professional development through mentoring and access to representatives who have an arsenal of industry knowledge when it comes to career fields you will be entering.

Workshops are designed to assist students before entering the job market. Topics related to job searching include:

  • Skills Assessment
  • Résumé Writing
  • Interview Presentations
  • How To Use Social Media To Find A Job
  • Customer Service
  • Communication Skills
  • How To Keep A Job
  • Goal Setting

Mock Interviews
During a mock interview, you’ll practice speaking and presentation skills with a Career Services representative before your actual interview. Get tips on tackling the important questions as well as professional presentation skills like building a portfolio, résumé presentation and more.

Job Placement Assistance
Our Career Services department has spent years creating positive working relationships with organizations across the U.S. We are constantly in contact with employers looking to fill positions. Not only can we put you in touch with potential job opportunities, but we will also present your résumé and schedule interviews, too!

Other beneficial services include:

  • Individual consultations
  • Job postings
  • Career fairs held on campus
  • Résumé writing assistance
  • Tutorials on using social media to find jobs
  • Setting up interviews with potential employers
  • Help with building a professional portfolio
  • The importance of supplying appropriate references
  • Marketing candidates to employers to get your foot in the door
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