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At Lincoln Tech, Electrical and Electronic Systems Technology training in Union puts the tools you need to succeed right in your hands. Through hands-on training inside labs and shops, learn how to tackle residential, industrial and commercial wiring for both high and low-voltage applications. Our low-voltage electronics classes bring the machines and tools you’d find on the job to you inside our “Smart House” facility, a life-size training structure built inside our Union school. And Union campus instructors recently guided students to an incredible 97% pass rate on a key certification exam!

Through Lincoln Tech's electrical training classes, you’ll prepare to start a new career working with electronics or high-voltage electricity in a growing industry. You’ll train on real high-voltage equipment and work in the Smart House, a mock multi-room home where you’ll put your skills to the real test—using what you know on systems already installed and wired within walls, under floors, and behind ceilings.

Throughout your training, you will:

  • Learn to install cable support structures and prepare pathways for wiring and copper and fiber optic cabling.
  • Practice using hardware such as anchors, supports, conduits and a lot more.
  • Study electrical concepts as they relate to equipment like conductors, insulators, and switching devices.
  • Gain hands-on experience with cabling and networking tools and materials.
  • Learn to install, test, and troubleshoot local area network cabling systems and voice/data systems.
  • Build skills for entry-level residential electrician work.
  • You'll take classes in subjects like fire alarms, telecom systems, basic electricity, writing principles and more. And you can complete the EEST program in Union through day or evening class schedules.

    The following career training program is currently offered at Lincoln Tech in Union, NJ:

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