Allentown Computer Networking School teaches PC Componentry

January 14, 2020
Two Allentown students discuss construction of a desktop computer tower.

Two students in the CNST program at Lincoln Tech’s Allentown campus discuss the construction of new desktop computer.

A CNST student troubleshoots a desktop tower system.

A technician trainee in the computer networking & security technician program (CNST) spends some time doing diagnostic work on a desktop computer system.

A computer networking & security student troubleshoots a desktop system

A student in the computer security & networking technician program troubleshoots a desktop system.

At our Allentown campus, computer network support students begin with developing a solid foundation in the principles of networking, and the design of a computer. This includes both hardware and software components.

As the training progresses, systematically building knowledge of the hardware and software systems of a laptop or desktop system is crucial as this knowledge allows students to understand how they will interact when connected to a network. For any person who enters the computer networking support field, there is great satisfaction in seeing a system that they either built or fixed operate correctly on a network.

The real science behind supporting a sophisticated network is to understand how each device and program interact with each other; knowing the capabilities and limitations (compatibility) of each device or application is important. When these pieces are fully understood, a computer network support technician can tune the system to run at optimal capacity. Efficiency is both cost-effective and provides the best user-experience. This is especially important when connected to the web.

The learning doesn’t stop there since staying current on the latest technologies will be a career-long goal. Updates to anti-virus and firewall applications alone is a daunting task, and is crucial to data security and privacy. The old adage that “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” definitely applies to this field.

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