Mazda Training Partnership with Queens NY Campus

September 4, 2020

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Mazda Dealerships across the Tri-State area joined Lincoln Tech representatives at the Queens, NY campus to kick off a new training partnership between Lincoln and automotive giant. Technician training is augmented with Mazda-donated vehicles and equipment at the Queens campus. Upon graduation, Mazda will get the first choice from Lincoln’s graduating classes when they have job opportunities available for entry-level technicians. Lincoln Tech is proud to add Mazda to its list of Automotive industry partners.

Mazda seeks to train the new generation of technicians that will join their team, and is committed to attracting top talent by offering a wide array of excellent employee benefits. This can include student loan repayment, a one-on-one mentorship with senior Mazda technicians, and a guaranteed living wage. This is made available to Lincoln Tech Automotive Technology graduates who go on to start their careers with a Mazda dealership.

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