Lincoln Tech Brings Mazda Automotive Student Training (MAST) to Columbia Maryland

July 16, 2021

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Lincoln Tech & Mazda USA will introduce Mazda Automotive Student Training (MAST) at Lincoln’s Columbia, MD campus this summer. Students who enroll in the Automotive Technology training program can apply to the MAST program and if selected, can add valuable Mazda-specific skills to their résumé.

Benefits of the MAST program may include career placement opportunities at participating local Mazda dealerships, mentorships with Mazda Master or Senior Certified Techs, as well as discounts on tool kits and Mazda vehicles. There is also the possibility to earn up to $15,000 in student tuition reimbursement.

“After initially partnering with Mazda at our Queens, New York campus in 2019, we’re pleased to expand the program and offer this exciting opportunity to students in Columbia,” says Scott Shaw, Lincoln Tech’s President and CEO. “This opens up a number of new career possibilities for our graduates and provides benefits to the Maryland-D.C. region’s Mazda dealers as well. A steady supply of Mazda-trained technicians will be available for those dealers for years to come thanks to this collaboration.”

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