Electude Training is the Future of Automotive Education at Lincoln Tech

July 10, 2024

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Electude’s learning modules utilize animations and simulations of relevant technology that keeps students engaged. The learning process becomes intuitive when the topics go from Theory to Electude to hands-on vehicle training. Lincoln Tech campuses are the only schools in North America to offer this unique type of training to their Automotive Technology students. Check out why Lincoln’s Instructors are so keen on this innovative system.



Robert P: Hi, I'm Rob Paganini. I am the campus president of Lincoln Tech of the Mahwah Campus. We're currently standing in our Electude Training Lab where our students have the ability to work on circuit boards that simulate circuitry inside a vehicle. The advantage of working on these boards rather than working on the vehicle is it allows our students to work in a controlled environment which is much safer. Lincoln Tech is the only school group in North America that currently has these training boards used in their curriculum.

Jay: Some of the common problems we have with advanced electronics, it's difficult to transfer directly from a textbook to a vehicle. So, this is a really nice transition in between the two.

Robert M: I think it's going to definitely help us because, you know, we start at the whiteboard first, we go over the theory. And a lot of the modules that they do in the Electude seems to match up with the lab. So, that's going to make it...the hands on, it's going to complete the whole circle at that point. You're going to start with the theory, you go through the youth learning modules, then you go into the equipment, which is, you know, basically the same components that you would have on the automobile. So that way if they have any questions, they can actually see it right in front of them rather than on the car where it's not going to be visible in most cases.

James: A lot of it is very advanced. I think for our level, the more advanced students, the students who have a higher level of comprehension will do well.

Richard: I think they'll like it. It's definitely looks good as well as functions well. So, I think students are going to like to play with something new as opposed to...or while they're learning to use this stuff as well. Especially something like the drivability trainers is definitely more up-to-date technology with things like GDI, multi-port. Instead of learning about carburetors and stuff like that, they're learning about relevant technology, so that's nice. Yeah, directions are laid out very simply and easily, so I think it's definitely easy to follow the directions, and you kind of understand what you're doing as you're following the directions.

Dennis: Definitely will help, they do come here to be more hands on, and especially with the stuff we're trying to teach them. Some things you can't just always bring out a group to a car. This will help them actually be able to see it straightforward, get the actual measurements down and from there, then I can move them to a car or something like that. It's a good bridge of the gap.

Chris: It's not just sitting on the computer doing computer work even though the computer is guiding you. You're actually wiring up the devices and then testing what you wired. Because I can have that trainer with me, I can actually talk about it and show them at the same time.

Jay: Typically, when a student gets frustrated, it's because there's no clarity. So, I think we have a very good system here.

Richard: I think it works very well. I think it's laid out very easily for the students to follow. I think that it's going to make teaching some of this stuff a little bit easier.



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