Arrow Schmidt Peterson Motorsports Team 2019 Season Video

November 11, 2019

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Lincoln Tech's sponsorship of the Arrow Schmidt Peterson Motorsports (ASPM) Team was an excellent opportunity for five  automotive technology students from different Lincoln Tech campuses to participate in live IndyCar races as hands-on members of the pit crew.

Transcription of the 2019 Season Recap Video



Kyle: So the strategy and the work that goes into it is really crazy. I learned a whole lot about the sport, you know. In just three days, I learned an immense amount. Thanks Lincoln Tech so much for sending me out to do this and Arrow Schmidt Peterson Motorsport. I couldn't thank you guys more for what you've allowed me to experience.




Andrew: Honestly, I'm just excited for the experience. You know, I didn't know what to think coming here, what I'd be doing or who I'd be meeting. But I'm just glad to be here, about the experience. And being the first time I've ever been to a race and being part of the pit it's just, it's awesome.

Cole is really nice. He's a nice guy, you know, being around the same age as me, about a year older, and also a grad from Lincoln Tech. And to be here, you know, it's quite the achievement. You know, he's been with the team for, I believe, he said five seasons, you know, and it's just, it's inspiring that someone who was me is now where he is right now.




Evan: My name's Evan Roberts. I'm from Wichita, Kansas, and today has just been spectacular, never seen anything like it. It's my first time at Texas Motorplex. I'm really enjoying it. I'm enjoying being a part of the pit group, the type of fuel, the gears that they use, what kind of RPMs they ride at, and just their whole system on pit stops and all that. Didn't know much about that, so I've learned a lot today.




Dain: I've been working with the tires a lot. I've been doing anything that I'm told to help with, breaking down the tires, getting all the wheel weights off, really anything that I can get my hands on, they've been letting me get my hands on. So it's been a lot of fun just working, running, getting everything where it needs to be that I can. I'm really hoping I can use this as a stepping stone to get into the racing industry.

I was able to talk with the team president today. I was able to get his business card. We're definitely going to be keeping in communication. He also was able to point me in directions if there's not an opening coming so that I can follow it into other ways to get into professional racing and be able to start a career doing this.




Stephen: I'm here at Pocono Raceway, and I'm helping out the Arrow Schmidt Peterson number five race team. I can get way closer to the [inaudible 00:05:18] than I thought I could. I was surprised that the car wasn't super loud when it was just idling. It's when they get into the gas when it really gets loud and, boy, does it get loud.




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