Technology and Skilled Trades

A Hands-on Career starts with Skilled Trades Training

Get Plugged in to Technology at Lincoln

Lincoln’s Technology and Skilled Trades program trains you to work on practically anything that runs on low-voltage electricity – from everyday electronics to security systems and residential/commercial telecommunications. Your training includes the use of hand/power tools low-voltage technicians rely on on a daily basis.

Upon successful completion of skilled trades training, graduates earn an Associate in Applied Science degree.

  • Study basic blueprint concepts, and the hardware systems used by low voltage techs to mount and support boxes and components.
  • Practice electronic theory and principles on circuit boards in class, with help from instructors with real world job experience.
  • Learn low-voltage wiring for cable systems, including installation, equipment and devices used for grounding and bonding.
  • Set up security, surveillance, temperature control, and access systems inside our mini-house structure on campus.
  • Gain valuable software applications knowledge as it relates to wire/cable selection, fire-detection equipment and system layouts.
  • Apply problem solving techniques to troubleshoot audio, visual and data programs and devices.

What Skilled Trades Training Can Do For You

Your skilled trades training will come in handy in multiple fields. From home security, to hospitals needing technicians to service medical equipment, and commercial businesses that provide residential services – you’ll be capable of designing, installing, testing and troubleshooting various low-voltage systems.

The construction and low-voltage electrical industry could use someone like you – someone who’s trained at Lincoln in low-voltage electrical technology. You want the skills to get your foot in the door, and Lincoln can help you get there! Learn more about our skilled trades classes, as well as job placement assistance for graduates, and get on the path to earning an Associate degree in Technology and Skilled Trades at Lincoln.

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Columbia (LCT)-MD

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