Trade Careers That Build America

Lincoln Educational Services proudly offers education and training programs covering a large variety of trade careers in six disciplines: Health Sciences, Automotive, Skilled Trades, Information Technology, Cosmetology, and Culinary Arts. The careers that exist in these fields are the trade careers that will make America successful, and at Lincoln Technical Institute, we are training the workforce that leads them to success.

Trade Careers Are Lincoln Tech's Focus

Lincoln exists for a single, simple reason - to bring together candidates who have shown passion for their fields and a commitment in the classroom with employers who are seeking outstanding, well trained professionals. It's this focus that drives Lincoln Tech's day-to-day activities and allows us to continue shaping the nation's workforce for Careers That Build America.

Lincoln Tech, and institutions like it, succeed because our students succeed. That translates into Lincoln graduates finding rewarding, fulfilling, quality trade careers in the fields they were meant to have. To get them there, we ensure each student receives the personal attention and counseling they need not only to get started on the road to a new career, but to see it all the way through.

We developed the Lincoln Edge program. This helps us stay connected to our students, and keeps them focused and on track. It also defines the student-first philosophy that sets us apart in the world of career training organizations. From Admissions Representatives who help students choose the program that's right for them, to our dedicated instructors, Financial Aid Representatives, and Career Services personnel, we strive to ensure every student is supported until the day they graduate … and beyond!

Lincoln's commitment to its students is a lifelong partnership that goes beyond their enrollment, beyond the classroom, beyond graduation. It truly is "The Lincoln Edge".

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