About Lincoln

Deciding what to do after graduation is one of the biggest decisions you’ll ever make. It’s a time when you might be questioning what you want to do with your future. Or perhaps you already know, but don’t know how to go about getting there.

Let Lincoln show you what a promising future in a field you love looks like.

Since opening our first campus in Newark, New Jersey in 1946 to provide career training for returning World War II veterans, we've continued to evolve as a place for post-secondary education. With a network of 30 campuses in 15 states, the Lincoln Group of Schools’ Diploma, Degree and Certificate programs emphasize experiential learning and employability. Our faculty and staff are committed to the mission of helping you achieve personal and professional success, by placing the tools you need to be successful right in your hands.

Lincoln’s approach to education is to provide hands-on training, focusing on career-specific technical skills – whether it’s fixing cars, clinical medical procedures, troubleshooting the latest technology or learning new software. Lincoln accomplishes this through a quality, student-focused education that empowers each student to reach his or her highest potential. Inside our classrooms, set up to mimic real-world working environments, you’ll get a sense of what your future career will look like, as instructors with relevant experience in the field share their knowledge with you.

What Makes Lincoln Different?

Lincoln’s accelerated career training programs take the guesswork out of trying to figure out what you want to do with your future. We offer programs that speak to your passion, whether it’s Automotive, Business and Information Technology, Spa and Cosmetology, Health Sciences, Culinary or Skilled Trades.

Plus, our career training schools have created helpful initiatives that support your studies, such as the Lincoln Edge and our Early Student Engagement program. In addition, a staff of dedicated instructors and staff are always prepared to address the challenges you might face – both inside and outside of the classroom. Need help understanding what Financial Aid options you qualify for? Our Financial Aid Department can help. And as graduation approaches, our Career Services representatives start preparing for your future by utilizing industry contacts to get your resumé out there, and are happy to help with your job search.

When it comes to your dreams, nothing should stand in your way. What’s important to you is important to us.

Lincoln can help you write the next success story of your life… Come see for yourself what the future can hold for you through training at Lincoln.

See what our campuses have to offer by clicking the links below:

Lincoln Technical Institute

Lincoln College of Technology

Lincoln Culinary Institute

Euphoria Institute of Beauty Arts & Sciences

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