Welding Jobs in Texas Hold Promise for Graduates

Welding Jobs in Texas Hold Promise for Graduates

After 10 months of intense welding training by a team of professional and dedicated instructors at Lincoln Tech in Grand Prairie, graduates are ready to tackle welding jobs in Texas!  After building hands-on skills the next step, says Career Services Director Anthony Fisher, is to meet with the Career Services team at the campus to discuss their future as a welder.

Welding Jobs in Texas

“During their initial meeting with the Career Services Advisor, the staff asks the graduates questions to get to know them more and find out what they want,” Fisher says.  “We explore what their background is, where they would like to commute to and what size company they want to work for.  We really are devoted to tailoring a workplace fit that’s right for them.”

Welding positions can’t be outsourced, Fisher notes, so grads with the right skills should be in demand.  Still, he says, employers are careful about who they choose to hire.  “Employers like to meet with graduates who had good attendance and know how to perform different welds,” he says. “It’s important to both the employer and student that it’s a good fit.”

Out of 140 graduates available for placement during the last reporting period, Lincoln Tech in Grand Prairie placed 114 into welding careers upon graduation – a placement rate of better than 80%!  The Career Services Team credits the talented and devoted team of instructors with contributing to the high percentage of placed graduates in Welding jobs in Texas. They are not only trained but excited to start working as welders.  The school is also recognized as a national leader through its membership in the American Welding Society.

Leonard Bentley III, a 2014 graduate is one of the school’s many success stories.  “I owe a debt of gratitude to Lincoln Tech and to my instructors for their patience and experience in the welding industry,” he says.  “As a veteran, I didn’t know what I wanted to do when I got out of the Army but Lincoln Tech taught me to be a professional welder.”

In addition to finding employment for their graduates, the staff helps the students develop the skills to master the complex procedures of welding.  The Grand Prairie campus features a 196,283 square-foot facility and has 75 welding booths where students learn how to cut, solder and weld certified-issued plates and pipes.  The hands-on Welding Technology training the students receive prepares them to successfully graduate and look forward to a career as a Welding Technician.


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