Welding Careers Are Growing In Many US States


When contemplating a future career, it’s important to keep in mind which industries are growing versus what jobs are becoming obsolete. Everyone wants to work in an industry where there’s opportunities and room for growth. That’s why jobs which can’t be taken on by computers or be exported overseas are your ticket to an exciting and rewarding future. Lincoln Tech has gone around the country to analyze which career fields are growing in the states where we offer training. Today, we look at where Welding careers are growing. 

Pay attention to the data below, and use this information to guide you toward a fulfilling and rewarding career. All career growth projections and salary information can be found at careeronestop.org for the years 2014-2024, unless otherwise noted.

Welding is a career that’s ideal for those looking to develop skills that are needed across a variety of industries, including construction, plant maintenance, agriculture, mining and more. This flexibility can mean job security — which can give future workers the confidence to move forward as they embark on a journey toward a new career.

Where Welding Careers Are Growing

The current outlook suggests the U.S. will need nearly 90,000 welders around the country by 2024. Let’s take a look at the places where their skills will be in particularly strong demand.

  • Across the southeast, more than 10,000 trained welders are projected to be needed. This includes states like Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, Kentucky, and Tennessee – where the Nashville campus offers hands-on training in Welding with Metal Fabrication Technology.
  • Colorado will see 26 percent growth by 2024. Future welders can train in Denver.
  • New England (including the states of New York, Connecticut, Massachusetts and Rhode Island) will see more than 2,000 new positions by 2024. Training is available at Lincoln Tech in East Windsor, Connecticut.
  • Texas will see more than 15,000 new positions open up, accounting for 13 percent growth by 2024. Start your career with training in Grand Prairie, Texas.

Once you’re ready to put some flame to metal, you’ll find Lincoln Tech offers a wide variety of classes, including an OSHA-approved safety orientation program. After all, safety is paramount in this career. From there, you’ll receive hands-on training and you’ll practice joining and separating a number of different metals. Our instructors will share their years of experience with you so you’ll be able to make precise cuts and master various welding procedures.

All this can potentially turn you into a highly sought-after worker in a number of high demand industries!


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