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Growing Careers in Texas

When contemplating a future career, it’s important to keep in mind which industries are growing versus what jobs are becoming obsolete. Everyone wants to work in an industry where there are opportunities and room for growth. That’s why jobs that can’t be taken on by computers or exported overseas are your ticket to a rewarding and promising future. Throughout the month of August, Lincoln Tech is going around the country and analyzing which career fields are growing in the states where we offer training. Today, we look at growing careers in Texas.

Pay attention to the data below, and use this information to guide you toward a fulfilling career. All career-growth projections and salary information can be found at for the years 2014–2024, unless otherwise noted.

Five Growing Careers In Texas

CNC Manufacturing: From brake-press operator to CNC machinist, there are a variety of jobs in the CNC manufacturing industry. Take advantage of Texas’s growing opportunities; by 2024 employment is predicted to grow 21 percent across the state. rcent across the state.

HVAC: The HVAC industry provides stable careers for skilled technicians. After all, both home and business owners require heating and cooling systems! Expect to see a 30 percent growth in HVAC opportunities by 2024.

Diesel and Truck Technicians: If you prefer trucks to cars, consider becoming a diesel and truck technician. Trucks often transport essential goods like food and medicine, and you can play a role in this important industry by repairing and maintaining these larger vehicles. Job opportunities are expected to grow 27 percent over the next eight years.

Welding: If you feel fulfilled when working with your hands, consider becoming a welder. In this industry, you’ll likely use hand-welding, hand-soldering, flame-cutting or brazing equipment to join metal components. In addition to enjoying your job, you’ll reap the benefits of a stable career. By 2024, job growth in the welding industry will increase by 14 percent across Texas.

Automotive Technicians: Diagnose and repair vehicles for a living by becoming an automotive technician. With the right skills, you can easily land a job in Texas thanks to the state’s many opportunities. There’s likely to be an 19-percent growth across the entire state by 2024.

Lincoln Tech offers training programs for all of the above careers at its Grand Prairie, Texas campus. No matter in which program you enroll, you can expect to receive hands-on training while using industry-standard tools. Enroll today to get started.



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