TIG Welding Skills Help Grow the Transportation Industry


While MIG welding offers its own advantages, TIG welding (also known as tungsten inert gas welding) is generally considered the more versatile and highest-quality welding technique.  These days TIG is increasingly used in the transportation industry, partly because of its effectiveness on lightweight aluminum and other alloys being incorporated into vehicles. That trend is driven by consumer demand for lighter vehicles that reduce fuel consumption and expense. TIG is also popular in the aerospace and military segments.

The TIG welding process uses a tungsten electrode to deliver a current to the welding arc, and the field is then cooled via an inert gas like argon. TIG welding was developed in the 1930s and was frequently used during WWII to weld aircraft parts.

Besides being highly useful on thinner metals, TIG generally offers cleaner welds that leave virtually invisible seams. The welds are cleaner because TIG equipment allows for finer arc control, cleaner weld puddles, and closer control of heat levels.  Cleaner welds are helpful when joining metals for intricate, finely built products like bike frames, lawn mowers, wagons, hardware and sculptures.

More benefits of TIG welding in the workplace

Unlike other methods, TIG can be employed on flat, vertical or overhead surfaces and in tight spaces, and it can be applied to all metals, including stainless steel, magnesium and copper alloys.  The argon or argon/helium gas used in this process also creates minimal smoke and fumes. Welders working with TIG typically encounter little to no slag (waste) because the gas protects the weld puddle from contamination.

Overall, the need for welders is expected to continue growing around the country in the years ahead.  Lincoln Tech offers hands-on welding instruction at its campuses in Connecticut, Colorado, Tennessee and Texas.  These programs focus on the kinds of processes you need to know to start a career in this exciting industry that’s building America every day!


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