Grand Prairie Students Win Big at Welding Game


Three students from Lincoln Tech in Grand Prairie, Texas came out in top in the NorthTexas American Welding Society chapter’s annual “Jeopardy”-style welding game last month.  Nicholas Pippin, Juan Miramontes, and Ricardo Torres – all of whom had only started their training about two weeks before the event – earned gift certificates.  The students were tested on their knowledge of welding topics related to MIG, TIG, and other techniques common in today’s growing welding industry.

“It’s sort of a ‘proud parent’ moment for us at Grand Prairie when things like this happen,” says Phyllis Werner of Grand Prairie’s Career Services team.  “Nicholas, Juan and Ricardo showed they’ve got what it takes to succeed in the modern welding industry – and it’s a field that’s going to need talent like theirs moving forward!”

Welding game stresses skills for career success

In Texas alone almost 19,000 welding jobs are projected to become available by 2024 – and that accounts for almost one-fifth of the growth for the entire country*!  Driven by construction booms in cities like Austin, San Antonio, Dallas and Houston – four of Forbes Magazine’s top 8 American cities for growth! – skilled trades professionals are in high demand in the Lone Star State.  Welders, HVAC technicians, computerized manufacturing technicians and more are expected to combine for more than 30,000 job openings over the next eight years.

The Texas automotive industry is seeing serious growth as well – it’s a great time to launch a hands-on career in Texas!

Lincoln Tech and the American Welding Society

Since 2015, Lincoln Tech has been an Educational Institution Member of the American Welding Society  (AWS).  AWS sets standards for welders entering the workforce after graduation, certifying test welds and ensuring each new welder has the skills they need to carry out high-quality welding work on the job.  AWS recognizes Lincoln Tech’s welding program for its commitment to excellence in training new welding professionals, giving students peace of mind knowing they’ve partnered with a school that meets the high standards of the AWS!


* Source:, for the years 2014-2024.


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