Lincoln Tech Celebrates Teacher Appreciation Week

Celebrating Teacher Appreciation Week

Teachers are responsible for laying the foundation, through education, to build the tools necessary for our successes in the paths we choose. They share their knowledge, experience, and passion with students to educate and enrich our lives. Everyone has a teacher they remember fondly, from grade school, high school, or higher education. Teachers change the lives of their students and inspire them to go out and do more and be more.

Every May since 1984, a week is set aside to recognize teachers’ efforts and celebrate them for what they mean to their students. At Lincoln Tech, we thank our world-class instructors for the passion and energy they bring to our classrooms and training facilities. Lincoln instructors get to know their students while they guide them towards their career path. Students at our campuses have the opportunity to learn from instructors who take a personal interest in their success.

The attention that Lincoln students receive from their instructors makes all the difference. Instructors take pride in knowing that students graduate with the tools necessary to become successful in their careers, and ultimately, in their lives. We are proud of our instructors and celebrate them not only during National Teacher Appreciation Week, but throughout the entire

In Honor of Teacher Appreciation Week, Some Lincoln Tech Highlights:

A longtime instructor helps launch automotive careers in Chicago

Mahwah instructor stars in do-it-yourself HVAC video series

Lincoln student, instructor witness an IndyCar win firsthand

Grand Prairie instructor helps skilled trade students get a NASCAR VIP experience

Information Technology instructor touts career opportunities with Windows 10 skills


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