Where Medical Assisting Careers are Growing

Where Medical Assisting Careers are Growing

When contemplating a future career, it’s important to keep in mind which industries are growing versus what jobs are becoming obsolete. Everyone wants to work in an industry where there are opportunities and room for growth. That’s why jobs that can’t be taken on solely by computers or exported overseas are your ticket to a rewarding and promising future. Throughout the month of August, Lincoln Tech is going around the country and analyzing which career fields are growing in the states and regions where we offer training. Today, we look at medical assisting careers.

Pay attention to the data below, and use this information to guide you toward a fulfilling career. All career growth projections and salary information can be found at careeronestop.org for the years 2014-2024, unless otherwise noted.

Medical Assisting Careers Are Growing In Several States

Doctors and nurses aren’t the only important roles in the medical industry. All health care settings require medical assistants to operate smoothly and provide patients the best care possible. By 2024, more than 200,000 medical assistant positions will need to be filled across the country. Let’s take a look at which states offer the most opportunities.

Pennsylvania: Medical assistant positions are expected to grow 15 percent by 2024. Train at Lincoln Tech in Allentown.

Georgia: By 2024, positions are predicted to grow 37 percent. Explore training options at Lincoln Tech’s Marietta campus.

Connecticut: Expect a 17 percent increase across the state by 2024. Find a training program at Lincoln Tech’s New Britain and Shelton campuses.

Illinois: Just outside Chicago at Lincoln Tech in Melrose Park, you can train for the Medical Assisting profession which is expected to grow by more than 4,000 positions by 2024.

A 17 percent increase across the state by 2024. Find a training program at Lincoln Tech’s New Britain and Shelton campuses.

New Jersey: Across New Jersey, the medical assistant industry is predicted to grow 17 percent. Find training programs at Lincoln Tech’s IselinMoorestown and Paramus schools.

New York: Medical assistant jobs are expected to grow 24 percent across the State of New York. Begin your career by training at Lincoln Tech’s Paramus, New Jersey campus, which is located just over the Rockland County border.

Massachusetts: Over the next eight years, medical assistant positions are projected to grow 8 percent. Train at Lincoln Tech’s Lowell campus just outside of Boston.

Rhode Island: Expect a 13 percent growth across the state by 2022. You can take advantage of this small state’s many opportunities by training at Lincoln Tech’s Lincoln, RI campus.

At Lincoln Tech, you’ll receive hands-on experience and the skills you need to succeed as a medical assistant. Enroll at any of our campuses today to get started on your fulfilling and stable future.


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