D.C., Virginia, Maryland Jobs Are Growing

Maryland Jobs

Making the decision to start a new career is an exciting moment in anyone’s life. When considering what path to follow, most people try to find a career that is interesting, offers opportunities, and shows room for advancement. It’s important to look to industries where jobs are growing and are not in danger of being phased out. Your goal should be to find jobs that can’t be taken over by machines or shipped overseas. Combine these ingredients and you’ll be looking at a rewarding and promising future – many Virginia, D.C., and Maryland jobs are great examples!

Use the data below to guide you in making decisions about your career. (All career-growth projections and salary information can be found at careeronestop.org for the years 2014–2024, unless otherwise noted.)

Maryland Jobs Drive Regional Employment Growth

Life in and around Maryland is looking good, and not just because blue crabs are about to go on sale. The economy is robust, and from the Chesapeake Bay to Baltimore, all the way out to the western hills, growth has spurred increased demand for skilled technicians in a variety of fields. At Lincoln Tech’s campus in Columbia, Maryland, you can train to fill one of the thousands of technical, professional and trade positions expected to open in the region and around the country by 2024. Here are a few of the exciting career options you can choose at this campus:

Automotive Technician: People love their cars more than ever, and while they may be fundamentally the same as they were a decade ago, today’s automobiles have changed plenty. Lincoln Tech’s program in Automotive Technology will get you under the hood and prepare you to deal with today’s most sophisticated models. With our extensive training, you’ll be set to take one of the 3,680 positions projected to open around the Maryland-Virginia-DC region by 2024.

HVAC specialists: The hot summer will give way to a chilly fall and an even colder winter. With these extreme temperatures, people will be in constant need of qualified HVAC specialists to maintain and repair their heating and cooling systems. Whether you choose to work in an industrial, commercial or residential setting, our HVAC training program will prepare you to fill one of the 2,000 positions projected to open around the region by 2024.

Electronic Systems Technician: From light bulbs to televisions and refrigerators, our lives depend on wires. So much so that by 2024, qualified electronic systems technicians will be needed to fill 960 positions around the region. In our Electronics training program you’ll get extensive, hands-on training to do everything from diagnose a short circuit to troubleshoot a generator.

Thousands of jobs are opening around Maryland, Virginia and Washington DC. When the opportunity comes, make sure you have the qualifications you need to seize hold of it and begin your career.


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