Skilled Trade Workers Excel with the Lincoln Edge


Lincoln Edge for skilled trades

Whatever career path you choose, once you graduate it is time to step into the real world. That means scheduling interviews, polishing your résumé and impressing potential employers with your vast range of both hands-on and “soft” professional skills.

In the skilled trade industry, there are many paths to choose from: Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machining and manufacturing, electrical, electronic engineering technology, electronic systems technician, HVAC, and welding, to name a few. But even with all the preparation in the world, it may feel difficult to stand out from the crowd in your field.

Despite the many other graduates from schools all across the nation competing for jobs at the same time, however, you will have a distinct advantage. At Lincoln Technical Institute, students are given the opportunity to take the reins and move forward at full speed with their chosen career path.

Lincoln Edge

Even after graduation, Lincoln Tech will help you find a job that suits your skills and interests. With help from the Student Success Strategies course, you’ll work through aspects vital to success like life skills, self-confidence and nailing that job interview. From assistance crafting your résumé and identifying potential references, to actually taking a practice interview, Lincoln will do everything to help prepare you for success.

Lincoln Tech is committed to contributing all that they can to the careers that build America. The Lincoln Edge is available in the health sciences, automotive, skilled trades, business and IT, cosmetology, and culinary fields. Whichever path you choose, you can forge ahead confidently with your career. Because America needs more skilled workers, students are supported every step of the way to ensure they will be successful. Your success will enhance your life, and being great at your job will enhance the lives of others as well. Your keen eye for collision repair could potentially ease the worries of the flustered driver who was just rear-ended in a parking lot. These careers help to build the foundation of America, and qualified individuals are needed all across the country.


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