The Best Part of Any Holiday – the Leftovers!


We shared some fabulous holiday gift ideas in our cumulative blog series, “The Thirteen Days of Christmas at Lincoln Tech” over the last 2 weeks. But wait … there’s more!   We received a few last minute ideas from Lincoln Tech instructors after we had posted the blog pertaining to their particular Lincoln Tech program.  

Are you ready for Holiday Leftover Gift ideas?  Drum roll, please!  (Twelve Drummers Drumming, that’s your cue!)

From our Auto Tech instructors:

A digital micrometer, a short finder, and an automotive diagnostic tool scanner.

From our Healthcare Instructors:

A stethoscope Christmas ornament, a Molar Mug, and Dental Tool Slip-on Sneakers.

From Dexter, our Dental Assistant training specialist:

“Hats, caps, berets, yarmulkes, earmuffs … anything that can be worn from the neck up!”

From our Electrical/Electronics instructors:

A 12-Volt Lithium-Ion cordless combo kit and LED flashlight.

From our Diesel Technology instructors:

Gasket scrapers, wire brushes and a Steampunk pen holder.

From our CNC Machining instructors:

Digital calipers and a metric hex driver set.

From our Culinary Arts instructors:

Knives, knives and more knives.

From our Collision Repair instructors:

A compact EDC kit and a Goal Zero rechargeable lantern.

We hope you enjoyed spending the holiday season reading about our gift ideas. Remember, if building a new career is on your own personal Wish List, reach out to a Lincoln Tech school near you. Working together, you’ll be able to get a head start on making your holiday dreams come true.


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