Have Fun at Work Day 2018 – How to Make it Happen


The best way to celebrate Have Fun at Work Day is to pursue a career that reflects your passion and fits your personality. Singer songwriter Marc Anthony said, “When you love what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life.” That might be a stretch, but new research suggests we work more effectively, creatively, and collaboratively when we’re happy at work. According to the latest research from the University of Warwick, happiness made people around 12% more productive at their jobs.

Have Fun at Work Day: Lincoln Tech Grads Find Dream Jobs

Have Fun at Work Day has a whole new meaning when your job takes you courtside in the NBA or in the pits at an IndyCar race. Lincoln Tech Indianapolis graduate, Joseph Bell grew up loving basketball, but he didn’t see a career with the NBA in his future. After meeting with an Admissions Rep from Lincoln Tech, he enrolled in Lincoln’s Electronic Systems Service Management program. Joe said “the program provided me with the skills to troubleshoot electronic equipment, taught me how to be a professional, and prepared me for the day-to-day tasks I’d encounter as a professional technician.”  Joe worked hard and was given the opportunity to interview for a Production Technician position with the Indiana Pacers. Joe spoke about his transition from Lincoln Tech to the “pros” by saying “the transition was easy, as I was eager to start working in my field and I felt well-prepared for the job!”

Have Fun At Work Day - celebrate with Lincoln Tech
Joe Bell, a Lincoln Tech grad from the Indianapolis campus, now works for the NBA’s Indiana Pacers. At right, Joe Bell, “backstage” at the boards for the Indiana Pacers.

Another Lincoln Tech Indianapolis graduate, Cole Jagger, also had a  passion and a drea. Cole had a need for speed and grew up with a love of racing. Cole knew that if he wanted to pursue a career in racing, he needed an education that would prepare him to be successful. He chose Lincoln Tech’s Automotive Technology Training, which provides a bumper-to-bumper understanding of the systems and principles needed to maintain and repair vehicles. When reflecting on his training, Cole offers “I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for Lincoln Tech.”  Cole began his career with Schmidt-Peterson Motorsports in 2015 as a Carbon Fiber Technician building the wings for the racecars as well as being the Right Rear Technician for James Hinchcliffe’s pit crew.  Over 3 years later, Cole is a fully integrated team member ready to assist the team to as many Winner’s Circles as possible.

Indianapolis campus graduate Cole Jagger in the pit as a member of the Schmidt-Peterson Motorsports race team.

Check out Cole on an episode of Daily Vice!

Find Your Happy with Career Training at Lincoln Tech.

Lincoln Tech campuses around the country provide career-focused, skills-driven training programs in a variety of fields including Automotive Technology, CNC Machining and Manufacturing, Electrical/Electronics, HVAC, Diesel Technology, Welding Technology, Health Sciences and Culinary. With the help of our Admissions Team and Career Services Department you’ll be able to find a path to a brighter future and a job you love!  One that makes every day a Have Fun at Work Day!


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