Celebrating Careers in Construction Month. Week Four – HVAC.

Celebrating Careers in Construction Month. Week Four – HVAC.

Too hot. Too cold. Too stuffy. When people aren’t comfortable in the places where they live and work, their first call is to the HVAC tech. Originally, heating, ventilation and cooling services were split between devices. Now, more often than not, one system controls all three functions. Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning – known as HVAC – is the topic up next in Lincoln Tech’s Careers in Construction month blog series.

From Temperature Control to Climate Change.

When Lincoln Tech opened its doors in Newark, NJ in 1946 to help returning World War II veterans get re-trained to find jobs, the first area of study offered was oil heating and air conditioning. Times have changed. With rapid ecological changes in the environment comes a need for more industry experts to keep up with today’s colder and warmer climates. Lincoln’s HVAC program introduces students to Green Technology – such as solar thermal and geothermal technologies. Some HVAC classes feature hands-on exercises that take place in a “Green House,” an outdoor mini-house where students physically work on HVAC components.

As the first school in the country incorporate Energy Auditing courses from the Green Mechanical Council, Lincoln Tech students learn advancements in technology that enhance their training, skills and marketability to employers.  “I can’t say enough about what Lincoln Tech’s Marietta HVAC graduates have done for me and my company,” offers William Bosurgi, Branch Manager of Lennox National Accounts in Atlanta, Georgia. “This partnership has been a great success and we look forward to continuing the relationship.”

Lincoln Tech’s campuses in Mahwah, and Union, NJ graduate more skilled, trained HVAC technicians for the Garden State than any other career training school – and around the country, 3 out of 4 HVAC graduates start their first job in their new field within six months of graduation!

HVAC training at Lincoln Tech can lead to a brighter future for graduates and the companies that hire them. Other Lincoln Tech campuses that feature HVAC training are Columbia, MD, Denver, CO, East Windsor, CTNew Britain, CT, and Grand Prairie, TX,

HVAC Training at Lincoln Tech is Only the Beginning for Some Students.

Upon completion of Lincoln’s HVAC program, graduates can pursue several other certifications, including Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) certification testing to leverage opportunities working as independent contractors in one or more specific areas of the HVAC market.

Some of Lincoln Tech’s greatest successes are the stories of our graduates – especially our HVAC grads who have gone on to own their own businesses. Discover how the training they received at Lincoln Tech led to bigger and better things!  And during this year’s Careers in Construction Month, explore hands-on training at Lincoln Tech and see if there’s a career that might be a breath of fresh air for you!

Keep an eye out for the next (and final) blog in our series:  Building a New Career!


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