Haas Automation Inc. Offers Career Training Scholarship

Haas Automation Inc. funds Grant for Career Training Scholarship.

Imagine an employer so eager to hire the best of the best, that they are willing to fund a career training scholarship. Sounds too good to be true, but Haas Automation, Inc. has in fact partnered with Lincoln Tech to do just that. This leading producer of Computer Numerical Control (CNC) Manufacturing equipment has provided Lincoln Tech with a $30,000 grant to go toward a Career Training Scholarship fund for new and currently enrolled students in the CNC Machining and Manufacturing Technology program at the Mahwah, New Jersey and Grand Prairie, Texas campuses. This is the second consecutive year that Lincoln Tech students will benefit from this extraordinary opportunity.

Career Training Scholarship for CNC Machine Students

CNC machining is a very important industry in our modern world and Lincoln Tech is training the future generation of machinists who will lead the charge. This vital role requires skilled machinists and individuals who are dedicated to a high standard of excellence.

“Rarely has the business sector come to the table with such an interest in supporting the education of skilled technicians,” says Rob Paganini, President of Lincoln Tech in Mahwah. “Haas’ support for education shows the importance of CNC Technicians to the manufacturing industry. Together, Haas Automation, Inc. and Lincoln Tech are developing the next generation of CNC trainees.”

There is currently a hefty skills gap in the nation’s manufacturing workforce and this partnership and scholarship are working toward narrowing that gap. Once the right people are able to get much needed training around these specialized skills, employers will be able to begin hiring with confidence again. Through hands-on training, Lincoln Tech students learn to program and operate the machines that create the products used every day by Americans and American companies.

“Marty and Neil of Haas Automation, Inc. opened the doors to educate the next generation of CNC Technicians,” said Paganini. “With their generosity and support, Lincoln Tech and our students are seeing great success with CNC Machining and Manufacturing Technology Training.”


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