Next Stop: The International Space Station!

Lincoln students build parts for the International Space Station

Mahwah students’ project heads Into orbit!

Lincoln Tech’s partnership with NASA has been a dream come true for the participants in the NASA HUNCH program.  Students training at Lincoln Tech in Mahwah for careers in computerized manufacturing had the opportunity to participate in a project building storage lockers for the International Space Station – and on February 15, their locker was launched!

Working with vocational training programs across the country, HUNCH has so far delivered 15 flight-ready single stowage lockers to NASA’s Cargo Mission Contract and is on track to deliver another 15 this school year.  HUNCH lockers like the one built by Lincoln Tech students can hold equipment for experiments aboard the International Space Station – equipment like a pea chamber and seeds, an APEX Harvest Kit to preserve plant samples, APEX tubes used in the harvesting of plants grown in the on-board “veggie facility,” and an amplifier used in a device called the Electrostatic Levitation Furnace.

Last June, during a ceremony featuring New Jersey native and NASA astronaut Mark Polansky, participating students had the chance to sign their names on the storage locker.  Their names and autographs are now a part of NASA history, carrying components for key research projects to the International Space Station hundreds of miles above the earth.

The students' storage locker, bound for the International Space Station

The students’ storage locker, bound for the International Space Station

To the International Space Station … and Beyond!

Computerized Numerical Control (CNC) Machining – the same type of manufacturing HUNCH participants are learning – is redefining the industry for the 21st century.  CNC equipment is used today to manufacture auto parts, artificial knees and hips, electronic components, products for the military and airline industries, and much more.  Training programs for computerized manufacturing careers are available at Lincoln Tech in Mahwah, NJ; Grand Prairie, TX; and Indianapolis, IN.  Start training today, and build hands-on skills for a career that builds America!

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