8 Essential Auto Body Repair Tools For Collision Professionals

Essential Auto Body Repair Tools for Collision Professionals

The auto repair world boasts a plethora of gadgets and tools that are essential for varying jobs. While you don’t need to be an expert with each one, it does help to know the basics like the back of your hand. Whether you are considering going to school to start a new career or you are just tinkering around in your own garage, you’ll certainly find a use for these 8 auto body repair tools.

1. Dual Action Air Sander– This quick-hitting tool drastically cuts down your time spent on sanding and body fill.

2. Grinder– If you’re exploring body kit fabrication or custom work, you will need a grinder along with some attachments. Depending on how you outfit it, this could be a method to remove rust or an entire mirror.

3. Block Sander– Every good auto tech will have a block sander on hand even if he also has a fast-acting air sander. They are needed for color sanding and buffing, shaping body filler, cutting high spots and finding low spots.

4.  Body Hammer and Dolly– You will need this collaborative set of auto body repair tools to fix the body work of a car. While the hammer does the heavy lifting and physical shaping, the dolly holds the shape and directs the metal where to go when it is being manipulated by the hammer.

5. Air Paint Spray Gun– Like most tools, these vary in quality. For an even coat, look for one that atomizes correctly.

6. Putty knives– Putty knives or body fill spreaders are used to mix body filler, which is also known as Bondo. They come in both metal and plastic, but metal is more durable and easier to clean.

7. Suction Cup Dent Pullers– A handy tool for a quick fix, the suction cup removes surface dents with a suction force that pulls the metal to a convex position.

8. Stud Welder Dent Pullers – Similar to a screw-in dent puller, but won’t leave holes that need to be filled. This tool spot-welds a stud in place to pull the dent; after the dent is pulled, the stud is snapped off and the area is ground down. Stud welder dent pullers cost more than a screw-in model, but the results will be worth it!

 If you don’t know much about these auto body repair tools, don’t let that stand in the way of your plan to become a collision tech. It’s a growing field that offers plenty of opportunities around the country!  At Lincoln Tech, you will get the hands-on training you need to become comfortable with each tool, plus the classroom theory to help you understand why each one is needed.



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