The Growing Career Field of Medical Assisting


The medical assistant profession is projected to rise within various states with over 26,000 job openings projected every year between 2012-2022.

Not all jobs are created equal. Some thrive in certain states of the economy while others plummet. There are careers that come and go in waves and others that remain steady through various conditions. When looking for a career you would like to enjoy the rest of your life, it is important to look at job projections, the state of the industry and the state of the economy. One sector that you can depend on is the medical field. Whatever direction the economy heads, the population will still require professional medical care.

Perhaps you’d prefer not to be a doctor or nurse, but you’d still like to work with them. Medical assistants complete administrative and clinical tasks in the offices of physicians, podiatrists, chiropractors and other health practitioners. If this type of work is more appealing to you, then it may be a career that is worth looking into further. The medical assistant profession is projected to rise within various states around the country. Over 26,000 job opening are projected every year between 2012-2022 in the Medical Assistant, field according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Office of Occupational Statistics and Employment Projections (BLS). With such promising numbers, it is easy to see why so many people searching for the perfect career are turning to medical assisting.

The tasks of a medical assistant can range greatly depending on where they choose to apply their skills. With different types of practices, many sizes of offices and various specialties, the nature of the work can vary. In general, medical assistants tend to record patient history and information, record vital signs, assist the physician with physical exams, administer injections, schedule appointments and prepare blood for tests. While assistants work closely with physicians, they are able to do so without a medical degree. A medical assisting degree, diploma, or certificate can be earned through a variety of institutions, and once certification exams are completed successfully, you can get started looking for the job that will help you achieve your personal and professional goals.

Every state that houses a Lincoln Tech school for medical assistant has double-digit growth projections between 2012-2022*. Georgia takes the spotlight with a projected growth of 50 percent, according to the While the options certainly are vast, finding the areas where there are countless opportunities can be beneficial to those just starting their career. Once graduated from the program, students can move on to the practice of their choice and start a bright future.



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